Adult Films, Industry and Actors

  • Adult Films are motion pictures with the purpose of promoting sexual arousal in the viewer. Adult film actors are selected to appear in an adult movie depending on their sexual performance, and while some manage to keep the level of performance, many actors tend to so they can assure to succeed on every shot. Adult films are a lot more accepted by society now, as the general perception of this industry has become more open minded.

The Film Making Process

Welcome to, a site dedicated to film making. In broad strokes, film making is the process of producing a film. However, as you may learn here at filmshi, movies are like snow flakes, and no two film making processes are alike. Some productions are very minimalistic and stripped-down, the proverbial bare bones, as it were. For instance, The Blair Witch Project was filmed in eight days, with a final estimated budget of 500,000 dollars, and with a dialogue mostly improvised by the movie's only three actors, who did most of the filming themselves with hand-held cameras. Others are overblown productions that usually go over budget (Waterworld), fall behind schedule (The Thief and the Cobbler went through 28 years of development), or are generally plagued with setbacks and obstacles. Learn about the stages of production here at Film Shi.

People visiting Film Shi who are enthusiastic about film making, and even those who consider themselves filmmakers, often give a lot of though to the matter of how to make a film. There are five stages of production: development, pre-production, production, post-production and sales and distribution. During development, a script is written. The idea for a script may be original, or it may be adapted from a book, a play, another movie, or it may be inspired by true events. Producers may prepare a synopsis of the script, called a treatment, in order to pitch it to possible financial backers. If the project is green lit, it goes onto the pre-production phase. If it isn't, the producers must pitch it to someone else or start again from scratch. A point in between is known as 'development hell.' A description of the other stages is as follows here on filmshi.

During pre-production the cast and crew is hired, locations are picked, sets are built,a schedule is designed, a budget is planned, etc. Productions refers to the recording of the basic elements of the movie, such as the actors' performances. Music is composed, dialogue is edited, visual and sound effects are added during post-production. Finally, the finished film is screened to potential distributors, one of which will hopefully pick it up and make it available at a theater near you. Tests screenings may also be undertaken to assess audience reaction to the movie, with changes being made on the basis of a negative response.

It goes without saying that not every aspiring filmmaker has the backing of a Hollywood studio. Film Shi recommends them to go into guerrilla film making, following the footsteps and film making tips of one Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez shot El Mariachi on a $7,000 budget in Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico, using locals as extras and cutting costs left and right, for instance not using a slate or a dolly, and with the cast doubling as the crew. You can learn more here at Film Shi, as is free resource for filmmaking aficionados. Thus, feel free to browse through.

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